Thursday, August 18, 2022


Imagine has been developed as a tool for use in research projects with The University of Western Australia, The Department of  Environment, and the Department of Fisheries and Agriculture. Imagine simulates a paddock over time and allows the user to study the economics of alternative strategies for mixed crop use on the paddock.
Imagine has been developed in Matlab, a programming and calculation environment with inbuilt graphing, mathematical and debugging tools that make Matlab well suited to use with research projects.
Quisitive has built Imagine in Matlab from scratch and has worked with industry experts to help them develop easy to use crop growth and competition models for a variety of crop types. Imagine been designed with future work in mind and can be extended with alternative crop models that may be as simple or complex as required.
Imagine also features a database bridge with an Access database tool to allow storage and analysis of multiple simulations.


The YouFly is an innovative Western Australian research and development project into personal aerial transport being developed by Entecho. In simpler terms it is a prototype 'flying car' somewhat reminiscent of the classic UFO.
The YouFly features a novel propulsion and control actuation system and Quisitive was sought to provide the control software solution covering all aspects of the control system from the base station to the testing infrastructure to the on-board flight control hardware and software.
Because this was a research and development project, changes to the physical features of the craft were anticipated as development proceeded. Therefore Quisitive's solution provided a fully flexible and configurable control hierarchy allowing engineers to test functionality at different levels of control, building higher, more complex control on well tested lower levels. This allowed engineers to isolate and fix problems within the control system with relative ease.
YouFly Test Flight
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